Have you been wanting a perm at a local hair salon near you but having trouble putting some trust in who should be the right one to do the job? Couture Salon in Palos Park and Downers Grove is here to provide you with the great professional service that you are looking for when it comes to your hair and its treatment!

Texture work by using the perming technique involves a chemical process to change the hair’s texture to create a new look. Some are after big body waves and some want a sleek straight texture. The process begins by our professional hairstylists mixing a unique solution specifically for your hair. After allowing the solution to sit in your hair for your new perm look, our stylist will neutralize the straightening or curling effect and soften it to your liking. Modern textures are a great way to change up your look or to enhance your look even more. Different styles of texture include highlights, color change, or both. Is it difficult to do? Yes. Is it possible? Yes. All we need to know is what you are looking for and once that is communicated, we will strive to do the best for you!

If you are curious about the duration of this process, we like to say our team members can efficiently get the job done in no less than two hours, although it does take longer in some cases. The perm itself should last anywhere between 3-8 months depending on individual lifestyle and maintenance. The finer details of your permanent hair texture will be discussed at length between you and your chosen stylist. The specifications will depend on your hair length, texture, thickness and desired style. If a perm from one of our professional team members at Couture Salon is something you want to try out, please call us or text us today.

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