Lip Waxing

Lip waxing service at Couture Salon offers a wonderful option for those looking to once and for all eradicate the hairs that don’t need to be there and that you wish weren’t there! The truth is hair removal is the key to a flawless foundation application. Lip waxing services are offered at both of our local salon locations in Palos Park and Downers Grove. Lip waxing is a quick and easy hair removal process. Not only are our lip waxing services affordable, they are comfortable. We understand that the process should be painless, and therefore our experts are trained to perform their job with surgical precision and make sure no tears need be shed. Lip waxes completed by our lip waxing experts will help you achieve the look of a hair free upper lip that you desire without the pain you anticipate.

Lip waxing removes hair from the follicular roots around the mouth for longer lasting results than threading or shaving. What can you expect from your appointment once you’re in our hands? The process will begin by a technician gently cleansing your upper lip area. Then, one of our caring members will apply a soothing oil to prepare the upper lip area for the wax. Once the wax is applied and removed along with every unwanted hair, the process is over. Now, you can look and feel carefree. Call or text your local Couture Salon location to schedule your lip waxing service today!

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